No car accident is ever considered good. However, some types of accidents can generate more serious injuries and greater vehicle damages than others. The rollover accident is a potentially deadly kind of accident. Should your car roll due to receiving an impact from another vehicle, the experience could prove both frightening and tragic.

In San Diego, a man who is allegedly responsible for crashing his sedan into another car on an interstate now faces DUI charges. According to police, as the man drove his sedan down an onramp, it collided with another vehicle. The impact caused both cars to flip. The police state that the man was speeding at the time of the accident.

The man was transported to a hospital and subsequently placed under arrest. There were two people in the vehicle that was struck by the sedan, both of whom were reported to have been hurt. Fortunately, the expectation is for them to recover.

The extent of the injuries suffered by the passengers in the struck vehicle was not reported. However, given that their car rolled tells us two things. First, they are lucky to be alive. A rollover accident can be extremely grievous. In such accidents, victims can easily sustain serious injuries to all parts of their body, but the head can be especially vulnerable.

The physical toll exacted by such traumatic impact could leave victims in need of long-term care, with all the attendant medical expenses. Further, vehicles that have been through rollover accidents will likely need to be replaced rather than repaired.

If you have been in a rollover accident, the costs for hospitalization and vehicle damage could become overwhelming. Therefore, you might need to consider how to recoup your expenses.

A California attorney could look at your situation in totality to help determine the costs of your present and future needs. The attorney may then be able to help you pursue the level of compensation you require.