Across California there are many areas which are under construction. Construction requires large, powerful vehicles to haul building materials. Therefore, we frequently share the roads with trucks pulling flatbeds loaded with pipes, cement mixers and of course dump trucks.

Given the wear and tear these trucks undergo in the course of handling their demanding responsibilities, it is imperative that they be regularly serviced. Improper truck maintenance of such large and heavy vehicles can lead to incredibly dangerous scenarios playing out on roads or highways.

Very recently in Rancho Santa Fe, a 38-year-old driver was unable to bring his dump truck to a halt and the results were predictably bad. The California Highway Patrol reported that the incident occurred at approximately 9:30 in the morning as the truck traveled down an inclined road. The vehicle started rapidly accelerating in a manner indicative of brake failure.

As the driver approached an intersection, he chose to jump out of the truck. The truck then ran him over. The driverless truck then glanced off the side of another vehicle and then tumbled off an embankment.

The driver was taken by medics to the hospital. Witnesses reported that the driver may have suffered a severed right foot. There were no reports of other injuries.

It is extremely fortunate that the dump truck caused no further injury. A runaway truck such as this one can do incredible harm to whomever is caught in its path. Victims of such collisions may end up facing long-term injuries and accompanying medical expenses.

Whenever there is an indication that a truck accident was caused by a lack of proper maintenance, a mechanical overhaul must be conducted to get to the root of the problem. Companies that put large vehicles on the road are responsible if those vehicles prove to be mechanically deficient. As such, the companies can be held liable for any damage or injury caused due to negligent upkeep.

If you are the victim of a truck accident, it may be an advisable move to contact a California truck accident and injury attorney. Information discovered from thorough investigation could help determine any compensation you may be due.