As California travelers can tell you, going to and parking at airports can be extremely cumbersome. Many people happily forgo this hassle by simply taking the bus. Mass transit lines to airports can be a blessing, but, because airport lots and crossings can be so congested with pedestrians, bus drivers must be alert while on the premises.

In order to avoid accidents, bus drivers have to be able to react quickly when a confused or hurried pedestrian steps in their path. Even if a bus is traveling at a slow rate of speed, it can still inflict serious injury should it strike someone.

Recently, a bus driver entered a plea of guilty to leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. The alleged incident took place in November 2012 at the Newark Liberty International Airport.

The driver is said to have hit a 61-year-old man with his bus. He then allegedly got out and checked the man’s pulse, after which, he got back behind the wheel of the bus and pulled away.

Approximately two minutes later, in a call to his dispatcher, the driver reported seeing a man who appeared to be impaired in the parking lot.

The 61-year-old man was later found dead. At the time, authorities stated that evidence suggested that his death may have been due to a hit-and-run and that a bus might have been involved. The driver initially denied his role in the collision.

The driver is now scheduled for sentencing in September. The lawyer for the man’s widow has filed a civil suit citing negligence and naming as defendants both the driver and the company for which he worked.

In such a case as this, the family left behind must endure the irreplaceable loss of a loved one. In addition to their pain and suffering, they are faced with funeral expenses and the loss of wages that the victim was providing the household.

Should you be involved in a bus accident, the aid of a California attorney who is familiar with relevant insurance and legal processes, may be able to secure the compensation you need for recuperation.