On the whole, city buses are a good deal for San Diego’s citizens. The buses provide affordable transportation that can take riders to locations all through the area. It is no wonder so many people depend on the MTS’s bus system to get to where they need to go.

But it is the fact that buses are such an omnipresent part of our city’s landscape that makes it so important that bus drivers be properly trained. The drivers must also be mentally and physically able to operate their vehicles whenever they are behind the wheel. Drivers can ill-afford to be on the job while fatigued or in some way impaired.

Bus drivers spend much of their time navigating through areas that are crowded with traffic and pedestrians. A distracted bus driver is a dangerous driver. A mere moment’s inattentiveness can lead to an accident that causes serious injuries and damage. If a bus runs through a red light, or jumps a curb, those in its path may have no time to get out of its way.

If you are ever injured in a bus accident, be it as a passenger, a pedestrian or a motorist, you may suffer injuries that require medical care and even hospitalization. When this happens, it is important that the root cause of the accident be determined and the responsible parties be held liable.

Should you or a loved one be harmed in a bus crash, the Frantz Law Group may be able to offer you helpful guidance and assistance as you pursue compensation. You can read our page that describes our ability to handle serious injury cases.