Imagine what it must be like to be a truck driver. While most of us drive moderately sized vehicles that are easy to maneuver, a truck driver has to control a long, unwieldy big rig. Also, when driving long distances, most people are free to take as much time as they need to stop and rest. In contrast, truck drivers are frequently under very tight schedules which may force them to forgo the rest they need.

These circumstances can be that much more difficult during the winter months, when the weather can make driving and meeting deadlines that much more challenging. So is it any wonder that truck drivers often suffer from fatigue?

Should that fatigue cause a driver to nod off for even the briefest second, the results could be catastrophic. Because of the size and weight of a big rig, it is virtually impossible to bring the vehicle to a quick stop.

Further, damage caused by the impact of a truck can be extensive and severe. Anyone who is traveling in a passenger car that is struck by one of these massive vehicles could wind up suffering catastrophic injuries.

No matter the demands made by their jobs, truck drivers must get the rest required by law to help them remain alert while behind the wheel. It is an act of negligence to do otherwise and any driver who causes an accident due to such negligence should be held accountable.

Likewise, the driver’s company should also be held liable if they in some manner coerced the driver to stay on the road past the point where they should have stopped for a rest.

If you are ever involved in a truck accident, the Frantz Law Group offers services that may be able to help you get compensation for property damages and medical expenses.