The very size of large commercial trucks poses a special threat to other smaller vehicles on the road. Catastrophic truck accidents can result from seemingly minor negligent acts either on the part of the truck driver or the driver of the other vehicle. Not only does the truck driver need to be aware of the dangers that the size of his truck poses to others on the road, but other drivers should also practice caution when a commercial truck is on the road nearby.

Truck drivers are usually adequately trained and aware of the potential safety hazards. However, accidents can result if the driver does not have enough experience, is not aware of the safety concerns or not trained in defensive driving. Impractical schedules issued by trucking companies may also be one of the reasons truck drivers drive faster, despite the risks, in order to meet their deadline, all the while increasing the risk of truck accidents. The same applies to drivers being forced to work unrealistically long shifts and being on the road for longer hours than advised.

However, in actuality, many truck accidents are the result of ignorance on the part of the passenger vehicle drivers. Not maintaining safe distance from a truck, driving too close to a truck, especially in areas where the truck driver has limited visibility, changing lanes too abruptly in front of a truck, failing to keep adequate speed, passing by a truck too closely or at high speed and driving between large trucks are some of the reasons that may lead to disastrous accidents.

If you have been injured in a truck traffic accident, you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries. Seeking the assistance of an attorney, one that is qualified in dealing with truck accidents, will help you learn about truck accident laws as well as your rights.