Recently in Ventura County, there were two separate incidents in which vehicles were struck by trains. In the first incident, a train crashed into a pickup truck that had a trailer. The truck and trailer had gone on to the tracks and apparently become stuck.

The collision resulted in the derailing of three train cars. In that incident, 28 people were injured. A spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board said investigators are analyzing evidence connected to the crash.

In the most recent occurrence, a train collided with a Ford Escort. Although the car was destroyed, no injuries were reported. A fire captain stated that the two women riding in the car were quite shaken up by the incident. The captain said the Escort got stuck on the tracks and the woman who was driving the car did not know why. The company that owns the tracks reportedly dispatched a repair crew to the scene.

Companies who work in the railroad industry have a duty to make sure their assets, be they trains or tracks, are in safe working order. Very thorough investigations must be conducted to determine why the vehicles in this story could not be extricated from the tracks prior to the collisions.

If you get stuck on a broken track, an oncoming train cannot stop or veer around you to avoid a collision. Victims in train accidents could suffer catastrophic injuries.

If you are ever involved in a train accident, you could find yourself looking at long-term, expensive medical costs. You may wish to obtain the services of a California personal injury attorney. The attorney may be able to help you get compensation from those who are liable.