Given that things are so spread out in California, many of us have to depend on our own vehicles to get around. The more time we have to spend behind the wheel, the greater the chance we will find ourselves involved in an automobile accident.

A car accident has the potential to cause all manner of catastrophic injuries. This is because the impact of a collision could affect virtually every part of the body. However, there are several common forms of injuries that victims frequently suffer.

Injuries to the back and spine frequently occur in car accidents. Spinal damage can lead to nerve damage or even paralysis. Additionally, a victim may suffer a herniated disk. While a herniated disk may not be as severe as a spinal injury, it could still prove problematic.

A car accident could cause fatal injuries if a victim’s chest is seriously impacted. A hard blow to the chest could cause a victim’s lungs to collapse. Also, those who have heart issues may experience a traumatic cardiac arrest.

Perhaps the most serious of all car accident-related injuries are brain injuries. If someone strikes their head on a steering wheel, window or dashboard they could suffer a traumatic brain injury. Severe TBI can leave victims comatose or with cognitive issues.

These are just some of the most common injuries that a person could suffer from a motor vehicle collision. All of these could leave victims in such a condition as to require long-term care and accommodations. If they are of a severe enough nature, such injuries could also be fatal.

If ever you or a family member suffer catastrophic injuries in an auto accident, you will likely be in need of compensation to cover your medical and other expenses. A California accident attorney may be of service when dealing with insurance companies or taking legal action against those who might have been responsible for your pain and suffering.