Mass transit carriers have a lot of responsibility when it comes to ensuring the safety of their passengers. These duties of care may extend past what we know of mass transit to include aspects such as maintenance, personnel and security. While these carriers are responsibility for safely transporting their passengers from point A to point B, they also are responsible for making sure passengers get on and off their transit systems safely. This responsibility includes addressing issues that may result in slip and fall injuries.

The California transit system sees thousands of passengers each day. With so many individuals getting on and off of transit lines, there is likely to be a bit of a mess left behind. As with any surface, the landing areas of transit systems can get slippery when wet. Regardless of if rain or a spilled drink is to blame, a puddle of any kinds poses a risk to passengers.

Mass transit systems are responsible for ensuring the safety of their passengers, and should practice due diligence when it comes to keeping surfaces dry and safe. Slip and fall accidents account for a great number of personal injury actions each year. This is because slip and falls can sometimes lead to serious spine injuries, broken bones or even disability.

Passengers that have suffered a slip and fall when entering, exiting or riding on mass transit systems may want to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. By working with an experienced personal injury attorney, passengers injured by negligent mass transit carriers may be able to receive the compensation they need to recover.