Occasionally, vehicle owners receive a notification in the mail stating they need to take their vehicle into the dealership in order to check for and replace a recalled part. Sometimes automobile recalls occur due to critical issues with vehicle parts that can lead to serious injury or death. Sometimes those recalls come following a large number of fatalities due to those faulty parts.

On April 9, Toyota issued five different recalls, which creates a problem for the owners of the 6.39 million affected vehicles. This recall is massive in nature due not only to the large number of total vehicles affected, but also due to how many models are included in the recalls. Corollas, Highlanders and the Pontiac Vibes are just a few of the 27 models hit by these recall notices.

Complicating things further, the vehicles involved in these recalls are not just models made in the past year or two. These recalls affect some vehicles made as far back as 2004. Since many people sell their cars after a few years, ensuring all owners of the affected vehicles are properly notified may be difficult.

The parts included in the recall notices range from things such as windshield wiper motors to steering column brackets. Though some people may brush off a recall notice on a windshield wiper motor, it is important to get it inspected because it does affect driving safety. If the motor fails when driving conditions are hazardous due to inclement weather, the vehicle cannot be safely driven because the wipers will not work correctly. This means the driver will not be able to see properly and, therefore, cannot safely drive.

People driving vehicles with faulty parts are in danger of being harmed and of harming others. Imagine a crucial part going out at a train crossing or school crossing. The loss to life and limb could be horrific and the grief unbearable. When residents of California suffer injury and loss due to faulty products, they have a right to pursue legal means to seek compensation and justice.