Because pedestrians are so physically vulnerable when walking near traffic, drivers must take special care when driving in their vicinity. This means they must pay heed to the road and not allow themselves to give focus to mobile devices or other distractions. Distracted drivers pose an especially serious threat to those who have no protection from the impact of an oncoming vehicle.

In Los Angeles, the city recently offered a reward for information regarding a hit-and-run accident that took the life of a 57-year-old woman. At the time of the accident, the woman was reportedly with two other adults and their grandchildren. She was on crutches owing to a previous knee injury. As the group was trying to cross the street, they saw the headlights of a car rapidly approaching. Despite their attempts to attract the driver’s attention, the car struck the woman. Police say that it is believed the driver may have been preoccupied with his cellphone when the accident occurred.

In this case, we have a driver who allegedly committed two very serious acts. He was driving while distracted and he did not stop after causing an accident. The tragic results speak for themselves and hopefully the perpetrator will be found.

When such incidents occur, families of victims are left to grieve the loss of a loved one. They may have funeral expenses to pay. If the lost family member was an important contributor to the household budget, then they also may be facing serious financial difficulties.

Should you lose a loved one due to the negligence of a distracted driver, you should consider seeking legal support in the form of a California accident attorney. An attorney can perform their own investigation to help determine liability. They could also help you assess your family’s present and future financial needs. All of this information may be put to use in helping you get the compensation you need and deserve.