On a Friday afternoon in California, there are a lot of motorists going to a lot of different places. Some may be off work and on their way home. Others may be on their way out to begin enjoying the weekend. Regardless, sometimes in their hurry to get to their destination, drivers take risks they shouldn’t which can lead to an accident and fatalities.

A two-car collision occurred on a Friday afternoon recently that left one person with major injuries and another dead. An official stated that speed is believed to have been a factor in the fatal car accident. Both the injured and deceased were occupants of the same vehicle. A family of two adults and two minors were in the other car, but reportedly suffered no injuries.

When motor vehicle accidents occur, those who suffer injuries can be impacted for life with the effects. The medical expenses, lost wages and other related costs can add up quickly and add to the victimization of the injured. For those who suffer the loss of a loved one, funeral expenses are just one way in which they may be financially hit. The lost contributions of the loved one can also heap a large burden upon an already-suffering family.

The suffering can be lessened through legal means. Though financial compensation cannot restore what was lost, it can help reduce the stress and financial devastation mounting bills can cause. Personal injury and wrongful death litigation attorneys in California may be able to assist those who’ve been injured and the families of the deceased in knowing their rights. These attorneys can also explain available options and the legal remedies that can be sought.