San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System can be of great benefit to those who face challenges getting around due to having limited mobility. The majority of buses operated by MTS offer accessibility to those who must use devices such as scooters, wheelchairs, crutches and walkers to move about. The buses employ motorized lifts or ramps to allow for boarding and exiting.

Hopefully, when you use the bus for traveling around town, you will be able to complete your voyage safely and without incident. In order to help you do just that, MTS offers the following suggestions for boarding their buses:

You have the right to be safe when you use public transportation in San Diego. Bus drivers should be cognizant of any mobility issues experienced by their passengers. Those with a limited capacity for motion could be extremely vulnerable when waiting at stops or immediately after exiting a bus.

Likewise, some passengers may require special attention while on board a bus. Those in wheelchairs may need to be properly strapped down and have their wheels locked to prevent rolling during the trip. Further, all equipment such as ramps, lifts and straps must be in good working order.

If all precautions are taken, the bus can be a very important way for people with limited mobility to claim their independence. But there is also the potential for serious injury if proper safety measures are not carefully adhered to.

Should you be injured due to some form of mechanical issue or human negligence, you may wish to seek the legal guidance of a California accident attorney. The attorney could help you get the compensation necessary for your recovery.