Bicyclists are a common sight along the roadways of California. Motorists who drive in proximity to bicycles are well advised to proceed with caution. It takes no more than a nudge to send a bicycle rider flying off his or her seat. A fall from a bicycle can produce serious injuries. And a bicyclist could be fatally injured if struck with force by a moving motor vehicle.

As such, bicyclists can improve their odds of staying safe by always following the rules of the road. For example, riders should, whenever possible, use bicycle lanes. Yet, riders are still very vulnerable, even when riding in the specially designated lanes. There is very little a rider can do if hit by a car or truck that suddenly enters the bike lane.

Recently in Carlsbad, a 46-year-old bicyclist was fatally injured after reportedly being struck from behind by a minivan. According to authorities, the minivan hit the bicyclist after entering the bike lane in which the bicyclist was riding. Following attempts at resuscitation by paramedics, the bicyclist was declared dead at the scene.

By all accounts, the bicyclist was riding in the designated lane and he was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Yet, he was still a victim. This tragedy demonstrates how a bicycle is no match for a large motor vehicle. This is why it is so important for drivers to take proper care by staying clear of bicycles and keeping out of their lanes.

At 46 years-of-age, the victim of this accident could possibly have a family who loves and depends on him. Such a loss would likely be devastating both emotionally and financially for a family.

If you should lose a loved one in a bicycle-auto accident, you have a right to know what happened and to pursue compensation. A California motor vehicle accident attorney could investigate your case and help you work through the various legal issues brought on by the accident.