The San Diego Mass Transit System offers the general public a convenient way to get around town. But we should always exercise caution whenever we board one of their trains or buses. In this post we take a look at some things that everyone should do in order to stay safe while taking the trolley in San Diego. These suggestions come from a publication put out by the MST.

First, be aware that the trolley can move very quietly and quickly. You could easily find yourself in harm’s way by being unaware that a trolley is approaching. This means no playing, walking or jogging in proximity to the tracks.

When you do have to cross the tracks, look both ways before proceeding. You should keep your ears open for warning whistles and bells. Be on the lookout for signals and signs. Buses and trains are several tons heavier than you are and you will come out the worse in any collision.

A mass transit system must do everything in its power to ensure our safety. If a warning bell or signal fails to activate when needed, anyone near a track could be in grave danger. Likewise, if an improperly maintained track causes a trolley to derail, many people could find themselves in the path of a large vehicle gone completely out of control.

A catastrophic accident involving a mass transit vehicle could leave victims with extremely serious injuries. Such injuries could lead to long term pain and suffering that may never fully subside. The medical costs for treatment could be very expensive.

If you or a loved one is in any way harmed due to an incident involving a mass transit vehicle, you may wish to consider contacting a California accident attorney. The attorney could serve as an adviser and representative as you seek to obtain compensation.