Today’s automobiles are required to come equipped with many important safety features. Countless numbers of people have been spared from serious or even fatal injuries thanks to seat belts and airbags. But these safety aids are most effective for protecting occupants during collisions in which the vehicle remains firmly on all four wheels. Should a car begin to roll, then airbags are less able to help occupants.

Airbags primarily offer protection for occupants from the front and sides. But when an automobile starts to roll, occupants are thrown in all directions. The force of this motion can cause an occupant to experience whiplash or even more serious neck and spine injuries. The impact of a rollover could cause an occupant to suffer broken bones and severe lacerations.

Ultimately, rollover victims could suffer severe brain or spinal injuries. They may even become paralyzed. Such catastrophic injuries could leave victims in need of long-term care. And during the period of recovery, the victim may be unable to attend work.

In order to make sure that victims of rollovers are able to secure the level of compensation they need to cover medical expense, a thorough accident investigation should be carried out to determine who is liable.

If you have suffered injuries caused by a rollover accident, the Frantz Law Group may be able to help you as you strive to acquire the compensation you need. If you go to our page on serious injuries, you can read about our experience in representing plaintiffs who have been harmed in accidents.