Attorney James P. Frantz is proudly part of the Board of Directors for Impact Teen Drivers, a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that is committed to providing awareness and education to teenagers, parents, and the general public about the dangers of distracted and reckless driving.  April is distracted driving awareness month and Mr. Frantz hopes to continue spreading awareness and stopping dangerous behaviors.


  • Everyday, at least 9 Americans die and 100 are injured in distracted driving crashes.
  • Teen driver automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for our nation’s youth.
  • Crashes are more common among young drivers than any other age group.
  • Distraction was a key factor in 58 percent of crashes involving drivers ages 16 to 19, according to an analysis of video footage of 1,691 moderate-to-severe crashes 6 seconds before they occurred.
  • 48% of teens reported texting more when alone in their car
  • 55% reported texting while driving to update parents
  • 37% reported texting to coordinate or confirm event details with friends
  • 34% reported taking their eye off the road when receiving an app notification

Impact Teen Drivers began in 2007 as a California-based program that partnered with the California Highway Patrol in response to the high accident and traffic-fatality rate among teenagers in the state. The California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP) then worked with California Casualty and the California Teachers Association (CTA) to combat the terrifying statistics of teen driving accidents.

The following are the current partners of Impact Teen Drivers:

  • National Safety Council (NSC)
  • California Highway Patrol (CHP)
  • California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • California Department of Education
  • California State PTA
  • Pennsylvania State PTA
  • The California Office of Traffic Safety
  • RADD
  • National Education Association Member Benefits
  • National Volunteer Fire Council
  • California Friday Night Live Partnership

The organization tries to connect with young people on an emotional or visceral level about the dangers of poor decision-making while operating a vehicle. They use real-life situations and stories, engaging questions, and a combination of quirky word puzzles to educate teenagers on safe driving habits.

Mr. Frantz and his team understand the dangers of distracted and reckless driving and take time to help future generations of drivers in California make better decisions on the road. With more than 126 years of collective legal experience and obtained tens of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, Frantz Law Group is a nationally-recognized law firm that is experienced in helping victims of distracted driving accidents recover the compensation they and their families deserve.  Frantz Law Group has the experience, drive, and determination to assist victims of distracted driving.

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