A no-zone is the most dangerous area around a semi-truck or big rig. There are no-zones around all cars and trucks (they are also called blind-spots). But around big rigs with attached tractor-trailers, they are acutely dangerous because of the sheer size of the vehicles involved. This post will go over each no-zone and how you can avoid them.

The front no-zone is the area directly in front of the truck. Semi-trucks need significantly more space to brake and come to a complete stop. Typically, you should avoid cutting in front of trucks. You should give a wide berth to trucks, to enable them sufficient time to brake.

Furthermore, trucks make very wide turns. It is critical that you give trucks sufficient time to take and complete the turn. Some cars try to sneak between trucks and the curb and end up getting crushed between them.

The side no-zone refers to the areas on either side of a truck. Big rigs sit very high up. Therefore the mirrors cannot show objects that are next to the trucks. Cars should avoid driving close to the side of the truck. A good rule is if you cannot see the driver in the mirror, then he cannot see you.

Similarly, most semi-trucks do not have rear view mirrors because it is blocked by the trailer. That means you need to follow far enough back to be seen by the side view mirrors.

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