A woman 21 years-of-age allegedly killed six people as she was driving in the wrong direction down a freeway. The woman also had a prior drunk driving conviction. She sustained this conviction when she was 17, and had also been guilty of at least two other traffic violations. She had just recently regained full use of her license.

At 4:40 a.m. a red Chevrolet Camaro was allegedly speeding at close to 100 mph on a California freeway and going the wrong way. The Camaro, driven by the 21-year-old, struck a Ford Explorer causing it to hit another vehicle, and multiple people were thrown from their cars. The four passengers in the Ford Explorer, all family members, suffered fatal injuries. Only the suspected drunk driver and the person driving the third vehicle survived the accident.

The driver of the red Camaro has been arrested for charges of causing bodily injury and manslaughter while intoxicated. Both of the passengers in the driver’s car, her sister and a friend, were also killed due to fatal wounds.

A fatal motor vehicle accident can have a drastic impact on the lives of many. Loved ones of the victim are not only forced to deal with the emotional difficulties associated with the death of friend or family member, but they may also incur costs, such as funeral expenses, that they are not prepared to cover. All of this can be caused by the negligence of another driver.

Although this accident occurred in Los Angeles County, residents of San Diego can likely relate. The scene of this accident is not too far north of where they call home, and can easily happen in their city. It’s important for victims of negligent drivers to seek the maximum benefit that the law will allow.