Every family is a unique entity, and each member takes on his or her individual role. Of course, we tend to think of mothers as the emotional caretakers while fathers provide protection and guidance. It is not uncommon for both fathers and mothers to work and to financially support the household.

Other family members do their part as well. Often older siblings will take care of their younger brothers and sisters or do chores such as cooking and cleaning. They may even get jobs so, they too, can contribute to the family’s budget.

Most important of all, family members form special bonds that simply cannot be duplicated or replaced. Children often confide in their mothers who they know will understand their worries and fears. Fathers are routinely called upon to provide strength and advice. Brothers and sisters often find that they remain close throughout their lives. In short, all families have a delicate balance, and all members are precious.

This is why the sudden loss of a family member can be so devastating. The entire dynamic of the family is irrevocably altered, and things may not make much sense for some time. If the loss was due to the negligence of another, then the loss can understandably elicit feelings of anger as well.

Every year, families must lay loved ones to rest who have been killed in motor vehicle accidents. It can be extremely difficult to sort out all the details and expenses that such a tragedy can yield. At the Frantz Law Group, we understand the difficulties faced by families who have recently lost members in auto accidents.

We are also experienced at working to get appropriate compensation for such losses. If you are currently working through the loss of a loved one, we may be able to offer services that can help ease your financial burden.