Plane travel is considered to be the safest mode of public transportation. Still, this does not change the fact that plane crashes can happen in rare circumstances, and once they do, hundreds of lives may be put at risk. Proving who is liable for the plane crash can also be a difficult task, and thorough investigation is needed in order to arrive at a conclusion.

In fact, investigations are still ongoing for a plane accident that happened at San Francisco International Airport last July. The Boeing 777 jet crashed into a seawall during final approach, making it spin and skid out of control until it stopped. Three out of the 307 passengers did not survive the crash.

The carrier company, Asiana Airlines, has admitted that the flight crew has its share of fault in the accident as they failed to maintain safe airspeed as the plane landed. However, the airline company also pointed out that the plane manufacturer, Boeing Co., was also at fault because of a flaw in the automatic throttle function of the plane. Asiana Airlines said that the matter had already been forwarded to both European and American aviation officials but are not yet being addressed. On the other hand, Boeing Co. maintained that the plane functioned as expected and that there was no one to blame but the flight crew.

Amid the blame game, both Asiana Airlines and Boeing Co. are being sued because of the crash. Similarly, if you or any of your loved ones are involved in a plane crash or any serious mass transit accident in California, it is best to talk to a lawyer regarding your options for holding the transportation company liable.