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Since 1982, Frantz Law Group has been vigorously fighting to end sexual abuse of any kind. Our knowledge and expertise has allowed us to successfully represent victims of child sexual abuse.

What is Sexual Abuse and Where Does it Commonly Occur?

Child sexual abuse is a crime and an egregious breach of the trust and confidence placed in the adults who have authority over a group of children. We often work hand in hand with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute the wrongdoers and to hold the sexual predator fully accountable along with the institution where the misconduct takes place. Sexual abuse occurs in a number of arenas, but is particularly common in sports. Child who are isolated, left alone with their coach, or in otherwise precarious situations with an adult, are often the targeted victims of these predators. From professional athletes at the Olympic level to children in little league, sexual abuse is incredibly common in the field of sports.

Abusers commonly employ psychological tactics in addition to sexual ones, as abuse can be administered in the form of pressure, threats, coercion, seduction, intimidation, secrecy, shame, or guilt in addition to inappropriate touching. The reason why this occurs so commonly in sports is because there is an imbalanced power play between the coaches and players, in which younger athletes may feel obliged to listen to their coach, as they see him or her as a trusted figure. As with any kind of sexual abuse, this relationship may begin with forming a closer relationship than necessary.

This close relationship may include a friendship, favors, undue praise, or special attention given to the child. This is also known as grooming, and it makes the child in question loyal to his or her abuser, so the child is less likely to speak up. Typical warning signs that there may be a place for sexual abuse is if a place is rather lax in rules and allows children to be unsupervised, including the locker room, sports trips, or other social events. Bystanders must always speak up if possible, as children are more likely to continue to take the abuse if they know other people are aware of the situation but don't say anything--as this promotes the idea that the abuse is normal.

We Want to Help

Our Sexual Abuse and Harassment Team applies a strong sense of duty and moral obligation to protect the vulnerable and innocent members of our society. The team takes the time to understand the child’s and family’s injuries, shock, and sadness while also taking a hard-line approach against the responsible parties to ensure that the conduct does not happen again to anyone.

We know that our efforts have and will continue to bring about real changes at private and public institutions that we trust to care for our children. We are proud of our results and know that our children are safer because of the work that we do.

Frantz Law Group takes care of the legal issues so that the family can focus on coming together to start to heal the wounds. Contact us today!

Helpful Resources

As a parent of a child who was sexually abused, you may find the following publications from the Children’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services helpful:

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