When driving on a California highway, it is a good idea to give tractor-trailers as much room as possible. Trucks can be dangerous from all sides and it is important to adjust your driving accordingly. For example, if you see in your rearview mirror that a tractor-trailer is rapidly approaching in your lane, you may want to pull to the right to allow it easy passage. This will decrease the likelihood of being rear-ended by the truck.

When you find yourself beside a truck, be very careful as you may be in its blind spot. If the driver does not see you and starts to merge into your lane, you may find yourself trapped and unable to maneuver to safety.

Even when following a semi-truck, you would do well to stay on your guard. Maintaining a safe following distance could provide you with time you need to avoid any cargo that slips from a trailer and into your path. Also, if a truck comes to a sudden halt, a safe following distance could help allow you to successfully react and stop safely.

You have good reason to use extreme caution when on any side of a tractor-trailer. But caution does not absolutely guarantee safety and truck accidents can happen very quickly.

Victims of truck collisions can suffer injuries of such severity that they may require long-term treatment. Medical expenses for such treatment could be exorbitant. This is why truck accident victims may need money from compensation.

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