A severe car accident can alter a person’s life forever. A Rollover is considered one of the dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents. When a rollover occurs, occupants could be thrown completely or partially out of the vehicle. If they remain inside, they could be crushed or violently hurled about.As previously addressed on this blog, there are steps that drivers can take to help prevent rollover accidents. But there has also been an effort on behalf of the automotive industry to build vehicles that are safer. This can be done by employing new automotive technologies. Electronic stability control is one such technology. According to this study, ESC has proven successful at helping prevent various kinds of crashes, including rollovers. The study presents information indicating that the overall number of rollover accidents has decreased in recent years.

Yet, the study asserts that the rate of rollover passenger vehicle fatalities, as it relates to the total number of fatal motor vehicle accidents, has not appreciably changed. What may be surmised from this study is that as more vehicles come on to market with ESC, we could see fewer rollovers. However, rollovers that do occur may still be deadly.

When a rollover takes place, a thorough investigation should be carried out to determine its cause. Sometimes vehicles have mechanical or design flaws that make them more prone to roll. The potential for severe injuries caused by a rollover accident cannot be understated. As the study cited in the post demonstrates, rollover injuries can even be fatal.

If you or a family member is catastrophically injured in a rollover accident, a California motor vehicle accident attorney may be able to provide assistance in getting you due payments from insurance companies. Depending on the cause of the accident, you may have grounds for a civil suit against liable parties.