Sometimes when you are driving amongst the big rig trucks that are so prevalent on San Diego’s roadways, you may feel like David taking on a whole series of Goliaths. These super-sized vehicles are so large that they can actually eclipse your view of the sun when you drive next to them during certain times of the day.

It is even more intimidating when you find yourself nestled among several trucks as you’re moving down the highway. The fact is, you have every reason to feel nervous when sharing the road with tractor-trailers. For one thing, it is often difficult for truck drivers to see the traffic that is around them. This is especially true when another vehicle gets into a truck’s blind spots.

This is why you want to give trucks plenty of room whenever possible. While on the road, driving defensively is always your best bet for staying safe. However, when you are in the proximity of big rig trucks, defensive driving is your only real choice. This means you should try to do all that is possible to anticipate a truck’s maneuvers and act accordingly.

There some things a truck may do that you cannot anticipate. For example, you have little or no recourse if a fatigued or distracted driver fails to slow down when approaching you from the rear. If you are struck from behind by a rapidly moving tractor-trailer, both you and the other occupants of your vehicle could be very seriously injured.

At Frantz Law Group, we work with clients who have suffered spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries and other serious problems caused by the acts of negligent truck drivers. We understand that often medical expenses are only one of the costs for which truck accident victims will need compensation. We have a track record of helping people, and you can read about our many successful cases on this website.