Automobile accidents are frightening enough, but rollovers are even more so. Recently a fiery SUV rollover accident in California caused at least three people to be taken to the hospital. It is unknown whether any of the victims suffered serious injuries. One of the three was ejected from the vehicle in the course of the accident.

It is believed that a hit-and-run driver in a black truck caused the accident by setting off a chain reaction. At some point in the chain, an SUV driver is believed to have been attempting to avoid other vehicles making lane changes and overcorrected. It was at this point that the SUV driver may have lost control and then went off the shoulder of the road. The SUV then hit a rock, which triggered the vehicle rollover and resulting fire.

Though the fire spread to nearby brush, fire crews were able to quickly contain and put it out. The stretch of road where the accident occurred is known for accidents due to the tendency of drivers to speed through it. There have been no other reports of accidents or injuries from the chain of events. There is also no word on how many other vehicles were involved.

When accidents occur due to hit-and-run drivers, the victims have legal recourse. Lost wages, injuries, medical expenses, vehicle repair or replacement costs and other expenses can add up quickly. This can create an unjust burden to the victims, who may already be suffering from emotional trauma and physical injuries. A California personal injury attorney may be able to help the victims of hit-and-run drivers understand their rights and seek justice, as well as compensation for their losses.